We are determined to research and develop small mobile phone repair machines for 10 years


is a multinational group focusing on small equipment.Our products include mobile phone maintenance equipment,production and manufacturing of small household equipment and electrical appliances,and sales at domestic and abroad.We firmly believe that quality is the fundamental to the survival of the enterprise.The company has been committed to the production of higher quality,more secure,more intelligent equipment.


we offering the free after-sale service.


Win win is our sales philosophy,we have a healthy and mature sales system,so that each of our customers,supplies and other partners with hard work can get rich returns.

Win Win

Honesty is a necessary conditionfor the development of an enterprise,and also our basic bottom line.We prefer that an enterprise go bankrupt rather than lost the most basic bottom line of honesty.No matter what the strategic cooperation or the appointment,we must be honest and trustworthy in the transaction whatever how huge the temptation we face.


We know that the country,family and even personal development are inseparable from the word responsibility.To the country,we should take the responsibility for safety and happiness.Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world.In the way,our country must develop faster and better!